Ministries of Bell Street

Peace and Social Justice Ministry

Bell Street Chapel has a long history of involvement in social change and working for social justice. Our ministry in this area has included advocating for marriage equality, economic justice, racial justice, and involvement in the Zero:2016 campaign to end homelessness in Rhode Island.

Interested in getting involved in our Peace and Social Justice work? Contact chairperson, Christine Constantineau ( for more information.


Welcoming Ministry

At Bell Street, we believe that every person should feel welcome and accepted when they enter our doors. As such, our Welcoming Ministry helps to ensure that each person is greeted and has their questions answered when they visit the Chapel, has a name tag, and has the opportunity to learn about ways to offer their gifts of time and presence to make the world a better place.

Interested in getting involved in our Welcoming ministry? Contact chairperson, Sharon Constantineau ( for more information.



Caring Ministry

One of the wonders of a religious community is the ability to care for one another in times of crisis, illness, or other pain. It is also a blessing to share the joys in our lives with other people in the congregation. Our Caring Ministry seeks to offer presence, caring, and compassion to those among us who are struggling, worrying, or having a hard time.

Interested in getting involved in our Caring Ministry? Contact chairpersons, Ellen and Stu Smith ( for more information.



Events Ministry

At Bell Street, we love a good celebration, fundraiser, or holiday party! Our Events Ministry organizes all major events that happen at Bell Street, including an annual Thanksgiving Potluck, Halloween Party, and Welcome Back BBQs!

Interested in getting involved in our Events Ministry? Contact chairpersons, Ellen Kellner ( or Beth Grossi ( for more information.


Religious Exploration Ministry

People of all ages are important and valued at Bell Street Chapel. Our Religious Education program is a vital component to our congregation. Each class is taught by two volunteers, who embark on a journey of exploration, discussion, and empowerment with our young people. Classes are divided into three groups: Preschool/Kindergarten; Grades 1 thru 6; Grades 7 & 8.

Interested in getting involved in our Religious Exploration Ministry? Contact Kate Gillis, Coordinator, at for more information.